This Ascension

by Deadspawn

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I watch this battle raging, raging before me
Brothers of the leach, evil entities
Waging war this night, to end the rivalry
Millennia of hatred a challenge they decree

Their disgust is all to strong
Out for the blood of the other
Only one lord shall remain in this world
Victory shall lead the way back to the spire
Crashing of gauntlets, ripping through flesh
Paints the ground crimson fills the air with death
The yielding of a master has ensured his fate
The sun shall be upon him by the end of night

Crimson eyes upon me
Surprise in his glare
His movements getting closer
Steel he shall bare
Thrown towards the carcass
Mutilation of the flesh
His offer placed before me
A seed from the dead
I give this gift to you
A master you shall be
By the end of night
You’ll taste eternity
Here you now must take it
Absorbed into flesh
You will fade in pain
But arise again to feast

The pain is overwhelming; the end is what I see
The life is slowly draining, draining out from me
This leech will take control, protect over me
This ascension, A lord I shall be

Humanity is removed from me
Abomination upon the world I’ll be
Blood of the living fulfilling needs
Seeking after flesh hunger is extreme
The germ takes ahold buried within me
Imprinting patterns of ascendancy
Strength slowly growing time drawing near
Supremacy is mine to proclaim

The aerie awaits us
We must flee before the day consumes us


released 10 June 2012



all rights reserved


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